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Philip Dae Han attended Syracuse University. Having spent the entirety of his academic career on the Dean’s list, he was selected to spend a semester abroad, where he attended FAMU, the fifth oldest film academy in the world, based in Prague. There, he made lifelong friends with locals, experienced the honor of directing a film on 35mm (coming soon), and picked up the language just as quickly as he forgot it once returning back home. With a major in film directing and a minor in theater studies, he would graduate at the top of his class Magna Cum Laude, in the wonderful year that was 2020.


Since then, he’s directed and produced commercials representing multi-million dollar penthouses in New York City, to award-winning Whiskies, crafted in upstate New York. His work has been featured on NBC, CBS, and The CW with over 2,000,000 views. Across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the websites of his clients, he’s successfully drawn in thousands of interactions from customers, growing their following, and ensuring that the excellence of their product and services are recognized. In his off time, he spends too much time petting his dogs and tinkering with his beloved car.

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